We’re in a moment when we are seeing just how broken many of our systems and democratic institutions are, and just how entrenched our biases are. One in four households can’t afford to fill their prescriptions. Many workers have no financial cushion. Our democracy is increasingly fragile. More than ever, we’re thankful for social entrepreneurs who know the problems they are working on inside and out, step forward with creative and practical solutions, and create ways for all of us to contribute to the solution as changemakers.


We’re thrilled to introduce our newest Ashoka Fellows below and in these Zoom calls held in June and July: here and here.


Priti is democratizing the patent granting and oversight process in order to make life-saving medicines more affordable around the world – timely as we search for a vaccine in the current moment. Read more hereand check out our interview with Priti in Forbes.


Eric is championing the revival of civic values, a rekindling of faith in democracy, and a revaluing of our fellow citizens. Read more here, and check out our interview with Eric in Forbes.


Stephen is opening space within immigration law for more humanity and accountability and creating new ways for lawyers to support asylum seekers and those in detention. Read more here, and check out our interview with Stephen in Forbes.


Daquan is bringing engaged learning and a culture of empowerment into schools by promoting entrepreneurial skills and spirit in classrooms across the nation. Read more here, and check out our interview with Daquan in Forbes.


Katie has launched a food hub and a fleet of mobile and micro stores to combat food insecurity and prove that every community can bring back fresh and healthy food. Read more here, and check out our interview with Katie in Forbes.


Danielle is creating alternatives to incarceration that transform the lives of all involved in violent crimes, including those who have been harmed. Read more here, and check out our interview with Danielle in Forbes.


Purvi is organizing lawyers to address diverse and interconnected social issues, from racism and the marginalization of communities of color, to the #MeToo movement and climate change. Read more here, and check out our interview with Purvi in Forbes.


Ronnie has designed an employer-sponsored emergency savings plan that is helping low- and middle-income American workers build a financial cushion. Read more here, and check out our interview with Ronnie in Forbes.


Every year, Ashoka searches the world for social entrepreneurs and welcomes new Ashoka Fellows into a global fellowship of peers – now of 3,800+ Fellows in over 90 countries. 


More new Fellows! – learn more about our Fellows elected in 2019 and 2018. Read about all our 270 U.S. fellows here.


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