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Our Partners are the<br />
Pioneers of Change

Our Partners are the Pioneers of Change

"Ashoka is one of the ultimate talent scouts and the ultimate peer network of people who are working individually and now have been collected together to drive all sorts of work forward.​"
Stuart Davidson

Our partners
Exceptional individuals and entrepreneurs join innovative companies and foundations as our main partners. Our funding and pro bono partners include:
Why partner now?
Our network of 3,800 Ashoka Fellows stretches across 70 countries and includes 270+ working here in the U.S. And yet most U.S. Fellows live and work in four cities: Boston, New York City, Washington D.C. and the Bay Area. Our sector continues to struggle to incorporate the rich ethnic, racial and gender diversity America offers into the social change landscape. With our All America plan, we’re committed to changing this picture in the next 3-5 years: doubling the number of Fellows we find and support each year, and from many more places.

Why is Ashoka critical for the United States now more than ever before? We're asking thought leaders, friends and partners. Here's James Fallows at Welcome Change in May 2019:
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Partnering for impact
From the day Ashoka founded the field of social entrepreneurship nearly 40 years ago, aligned philanthropic partners have fueled our growth and impact. These partnerships can take many forms, but very often they include one or more of these core focus areas: supporting systems-changing entrepreneurs, amplifying innovative ideas and insights, and shaping an everyone a changemaker world.

Learn more about past partnerships with Ashoka here:
Ashoka friends
We are grateful
for the committed financial support​ of exceptional individuals and families across the country. If our approach resonates with you, we'd welcome exploring how Ashoka aligns with your interests and giving, wherever you are on your philanthropic journey.

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Ashoka Partner?

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