Our partners are the pioneers of change

“Ashoka has set a high bar for the rest of the philanthropy we get involved with. I can see these are the people who are driving true change. I want to go with the people who are passionate.”

Anne Wojcicki, founder of 23andMe

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Why partner now?

Ashoka and Ashoka Fellows work around the world. Why is Ashoka and our “everyone a changemaker” vision so important in the United States of today? Atlantic journalist James Fallows comments.

Why partner with

  • Discovery

    See where the world is headed and what social problems we must anticipate

  • Seeding

    Launch early-stage creative ideas with enormous potential

  • Learning

    Access to a one-of-a-kind network of innovators, their insights, and the patterns across their work

  • Leverage

    Huge ROI fueled by the transformative impact of systemic innovations together with the Ashoka network effect

  • Collective impact

    Clusters of social entrepreneurs within and across fields pull societal levers that complement one another

  • Risk mitigation

    Invest in a portfolio of carefully selected social innovators to mitigate the unknowns of any single systemic change effort

  • Global footprint

    4,000 Fellows and their networks of millions of changemakers in 90+ countries


for impact

From the day Ashoka founded the field of social entrepreneurship nearly 40 years ago, aligned philanthropic partners have fueled our growth and impact. These partnerships can take many forms, but very often they include one or more of these core focus areas: supporting systems-changing entrepreneurs, amplifying innovative ideas and insights, and shaping an everyone a changemaker world.

We are

For the committed financial support of exceptional individuals and families across the country. If our approach resonates with you, we’d welcome exploring how Ashoka aligns with your interests and giving, wherever you are on your philanthropic journey.

Explore Partnership with Ashoka!

Michael Zakaras > mzakaras@ashoka.org
Manmeet Mehta > mmehta@ashoka.org

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