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Stay tuned for more insightful conversations in 2020 as the tour continues!

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The Law in Our Hands: Reimagining our justice system with Lam HoRachel Armstrong, and Katie RedfordWatch the livestream and read the takeaways in Forbes

How do social entrepreneurs create movements where everyone leads? Ashoka Fellows Erica Gerrity, Jennifer Bailey, Saru Jayaraman and Jess Ladd share their wisdom. Watch the livestream and read the takeaways in Forbes.

Ashoka Fellows Kara BobroffSteve Miller, Lennon Flowers and Imran race & healing in a wide-ranging conversation hosted by CASE at Duke. Watch the livestream and read the recap in Forbes.

Small Towns, Big Ideas: Ashoka Fellows Brandon DennisonReginaldo Haslett-MarroquínStacey Epperson, and Denisa Livingston talk with James Fallows, author and national correspondent for The Atlantic. Thanks to our conversation sponsor AT&T. Watch the livestream here and read the recap in The Atlantic and in Forbes

From greening the world’s largest private landholder (the Catholic Church) to environment-harmonized death care, Paula Daniels, Molly Burhans, Katrina Spade, Bren Smith and Angelou Ezeilo spark a new culture of stewardship. This conversation is co-sponsored by the Tishman Environment and Design Center and the Impact Entrepreneurship InitiativeWatch the livestream here and read the recap in Forbes.


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