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In cities across the country, we’re hosting an insights series drawing on the work and ideas of 20+ leading social entrepreneurs. Wherever you live, be sure to tune in via livestream and Twitter to discover surprising insights and contribute your perspective.

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The Law in Our Hands: Reimagining our justice system with Lam HoRachel Armstrong, and Katie RedfordWatch the livestream and read the takeaways in Forbes. 

Join us as we talk about creating movements where everyone can lead by shifting from role models to “role makers” with Erica Gerrity, Jennifer Bailey, Saru Jayaraman and Jess Ladd


Hosted as part of the Ashoka U Exchange. Tune in live on Thursday, Feb 21 @ 11:50 a.m. ET | 8:50 a.m. PT. Want a reminder email? Register for the livestream here!

Healing Our Past to Rebuild Our Future with Kara BobroffSteve Miller, Lennon Flowers and Imran Khan.

Small Towns, Big Ideas: Rural changemakers show the power and potential of distributed innovation, with Brandon DennisonReginaldo Haslett-MarroquínStacey Epperson, and Denisa Livingston.

From greening the world’s largest private landholder (the Catholic Church) to environment-harmonized death care, Paula Daniels, Molly Burhans, Katrina Spade, and Angelou Ezeilo spark a new culture of stewardship.

Jen Bailey
Faith Matters Network
Saru Jayaraman
ROC United
Steve Miller
HBCU TRV Oral History Project
Kara Bobroff
NACA Schools
Lennon Flowers
The Dinner Party
Imran Khan
Brandon Dennison
Coalfield Development
Stacey Epperson
Next Step Network
Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquín
Main Street Project
Denisa Livingston
Diné Community Advocacy Alliance
Paula Daniels
Center for Good Food Purchasing
Katrina Spade
Molly Burhans
Angelou Ezeilo
Greening Youth


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