Introducing America’s Path Forward

Introducing America's Path Forward

The United States is living through a period of polarization and upheaval. We hunger for answers, yet too often turn to the same people and institutions, expecting different outcomes. How can this be?

This book takes a different angle. It features award-winning social innovators from all walks of life with decades of experience of working in and with their communities across America. In twenty-two deep, idea-packed conversations, they share their analyses, practical insights, and policy recommendations—on how to gain common ground, get the country unstuck, and increase prosperity and well-being for all.

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All proceeds go to Ashoka and contributing Ashoka Fellows. 

What people are saying

"One-by-one, the changemakers whose stories are collected in this book are inventive, brave, and effective. Taken as a group, they are full of positive, practical insights for increasing America's opportunities and addressing its failures."

-- James Fallows, co-author of 'Our Towns'

“Grab this book! It dives into the wisdom of nearly two dozen Ashoka Fellows whose solutions are alive and working in today’s America. These stories should be filling our news feeds.”

-- Baratunde Thurston, Author and host of How to Citizen with Baratunde

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