Who we are


We’ve always believed that those closest to a problem are best able to solve it: inclusion is therefore key. We need all hands on deck.


We’re a home for changemakers – a peer network of visionary Ashoka Fellows, 3,800 strong and growing, and of their networks of many millions of changemakers.


We welcome unorthodox ideas that tap the wisdom and ability for everyone, of all ages and walks of life, to contribute.


When you know where to look, you see people solving all sorts of problems, in their communities, schools, workplaces, even entire fields and industries.


Forty years of pioneering social entrepreneurship has taught us how to listen and spot patterns and deep currents of change.

Our core team
Carly (Gritton) Miller
Carly Miller (Gritton)
Marc Carr
Marc Carr

Our BEginnings

Ashoka started searching for social entrepreneurs in our first country, India, in 1981. Nearly 20 years later, Texas entrepreneur Ron “R.J.” Jensen learned of our guiding values and high-leverage approach and reached out right away to explore funding a U.S. launch. We are every day grateful for the Jensen family’s founding investment that has given rise to an entire ecosystem of support for emerging ideas and social entrepreneurs across the country.

Remembering RJ Jensen: A Tribute from the Ashoka Community. Produced by Cory Wilson.

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