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Ashoka's global network includes 270+ Ashoka Fellows active in the U.S., working in fishing communities in Long Island Sound to the heart of Silicon Valley and everywhere in between. As a group they help us look ahead and see the country through a lens of solutions. Now with our All America strategy, we're connecting with changemakers across the country and filling out the whole map.

Read about the Ashoka Fellows in the US

  • Aaron Hurst

    Aaron Hurst

    Catalyzing impactful pro-bono support

    Aaron founded Taproot to mobilize business professionals to contribute their expertise to their communities and integrate service into business careers.

  • Abby Falik

    Abby Falik

    Gap Years For Change

    Preparing a globally-minded generation of leaders by embedding the bridge year into the American higher education system, unlocking students’ potential as global citizens, while also addressing the rising cost and questioned relevance of the American higher education system.

  • Adam Foss

    Adam Foss

    Adam is repairing the criminal justice system by shifting the culture and norms among prosecutors in the U.S.

  • Adele Douglass

    Adele Douglass

    Better lives for farm animals

    Changing the way food is produced by creating a market for humanely-raised animal products.

  • Ai-Jen Poo

    Ai-Jen Poo

    Valuing the care economy.

    Garnering respect, important rights and protections for the last excluded workforce in this country: domestic workers.

  • Aleta Margolis

    Aleta Margolis

    Teacher creativity improves outcomes

    Investing in teachers to ensure schools make the most of children’s innate desire to learn by valuing creativity as much as their academic achievement.

  • Alexandra Bernadotte

    Alexandra Bernadotte

    Data for college success

    Improving college graduation rates for students from low-income communities by bridging the data gap between K-12 education and U.S. colleges and universities.

  • Alisa Del Tufo

    Alisa Del Tufo

    Communities against domestic violence

    Developing local solutions to deep social challenges, such as trauma, poverty and other forms of exclusion, by revealing and supporting assets that enhance well- being

  • Alison Lingane

    Alison Lingane

    Alison is transforming small businesses into employee-owned companies that grow community wealth and address inequality.

  • Amelia Franck Meyer

    Amelia Franck Meyer

    Children need permanent homes

    How can we improve outcomes for kids in foster care? By breaking the cycle of disruption and trauma

  • Ami Dar

    Ami Dar

    Connections for social good

    Pioneering the web-accessible marketplace for social action, making it possible for virtually anyone to act on their desire to change society for the better.

  • Amory Lovins

    Amory Lovins

    Energy efficiency and renewables

    Through an approach called ‘natural capitalism,’ Amory is driving the efficient and restorative use of renewable resources into communities, the government, corporations, and beyond.

  • Amy Barzach

    Amy Barzach

    Kids with disabilities play

    Amy created Boundless Playgrounds to start a movement toward building inclusive, developmentally advantageous playgrounds where children of all abilities can have the best opportunities for healthy development.

  • Amy Lemley

    Amy Lemley

    Homes for foster youth

    Amy Lemley is addressing the growing problem of homelessness among teenagers who are too old for foster care but have neither a place to live nor the means to support themselves. Her work is helping former foster youth secure affordable apartments by providing them with microloans for housing start-up costs to get their "first place."

  • Andrew Mangino

    Andrew Mangino

    Fostering student passion

    Introducing ”Dream Directors” into the American education system , - tasked with helping students to name whatever it is that they are passionate about and to design “Future Projects” to bring those passions to life.

  • Andrew Slack

    Andrew Slack

    Fandom for change

    Unleashing the voice of today’s fan communities and using the power of popular culture to amplify the effectiveness of nonprofits and educators.

  • Andy Lipkis

    Andy Lipkis

    Retrofitting cities, promoting trees

    Retrofitting cities for sustainability by equipping citizens and governments with the tools to manage cities as one would a sustainable ecosystem.

  • Angela Coleman

    Angela Coleman

    Uplifting African-American Girls

    Uplifting women and girls of African descent through a variety of innovative, culturally relevant and gender-specific approaches.

  • Angelou Ezeilo

    Angelou Ezeilo

    Changing conservation's demographics

    Angelou is cultivating a generation of youth of color to be stewards of our land and natural resources and ultimately shift the demographics of the environmental conservation movement.

  • Anne Basting

    Anne Basting

    Forget memory, try imagination

    Anne Basting is transforming the experience of aging and the stigma around dementia and memory loss by empowering older adults and their caregivers with new practices rooted in creative expression and community building.

  • Asher Hasan

    Asher Hasan

    Health insurance for emerging economies

    Providing quality, private health insurance to low-income workers in emerging economies. The approach distributes cost and social responsibility among several stakeholders affiliated with the working poor.

  • Atsumasa Tochisako

    Atsumasa Tochisako

    Microfinance around the world

    Recreating microfinance and money-transfer industries to better serve and integrate the world’s new globalized poor, regardless of where they are.

  • Barry Barkan

    Barry Barkan

    Community in elder care

    Unleashing elder power, building loving mutual-support communities, cultivating wisdom and promoting senior citizen activism that transforms nursing homes from institutions to person-centered communities.

  • Barry Zuckerman

    Barry Zuckerman

    Broader definition of healthcare

    Broadening healthcare delivery to reach low-income families by focusing on the social as well as biological roots of patients’ illness instead of just the symptoms.

  • Ben Powell

    Ben Powell

    Upskilling impact entreprenurs

    Finding and investing in entrepreneurs whose businesses fuel change and spark economic growth in Central America, creating a culture of entrepreneurship devoted to local development.

  • Bernard Amadei

    Bernard Amadei

    Engineering for global issues

    Transforming the traditional model of engineering by revamping training methodology and integrating the field of engineering more closely with global issues such as poverty alleviation, hunger, and disease.

  • Betsy Krebs

    Betsy Krebs

    Self-advocacy in foster care

    Betsy created the Youth Advocacy Center help foster youth acquire the self-advocacy skills and professional mentorships they need to reach their goals.

  • Bill Jackson

    Bill Jackson

    Online guide to schools

    Democratizing global policymaking by increasing the citizen sector’s role and uniting diverse global networks to address global challenges, particularly the effort to reduce the likelihood of war. Bill also convenes the Coalition for the International Criminal Court.

  • Brandon Dennison

    Brandon Dennison

    Brandon is dramatically transforming the workforce development sector in Appalachia and beyond, with a model that creates new and viable economic markets, while simultaneously creating direct employment and personal development opportunities.

  • Bruce Bloom

    Bruce Bloom

    Care for rare diseases

    Improving patients’ lives quickly and safely by targeting small research investments to repurpose existing FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, treatments, and medical devices.

  • Bruce Cahan

    Bruce Cahan

    Investing in sustainable resiliency.

    Creating a high transparency, ethical bank for the social sector, that reconnects meaning and money by pegging interest rates and bank fees to customers’ environmental and social impacts.

  • Carol Shapiro

    Carol Shapiro

    Leveraging communities to reduce crime

    Building the capacity of government to leverage family and community assets to reduce crime and increase community well-being.

  • Carolyn Laub

    Carolyn Laub

    Safe schools for LGBT youth

    Providing a safer middle- and high-school environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.

  • Casey Fenton

    Casey Fenton

    Global travel community

    Casey has created a worldwide travel community built on trust and appreciation of difference by orchestrating one-on-one interactions and homestays with strangers at mass scale.

  • Casey Woods

    Casey Woods

    Gun safety common ground

    Through Arms with Ethics, Casey Woods is leveraging law enforcement’s unique ability to speak to all sides on the gun issue by developing police-led proactive strategies that help build a national network of common-sense, consensus-building community safety partners that includes gun owners and gun sellers.

  • Charles Best

    Charles Best

    Supporting under-resourced schools

    Pioneering a way for citizens to directly support educational projects in underresourced schools using an online marketplace where entrepreneurial teachers can post projects to be supported by private citizens.

  • Chris Balme

    Chris Balme

    Personalized appreticeships for students

    Reengaging middle school students in their studies through personalized apprenticeships in their dream jobs.

  • Christa Gannon

    Christa Gannon

    Preventing juvenile crime

    Reducing juvenile incarceration and recidivism rates and changing the culture of the juvenile justice system by getting the system to listen to young people and turning it into a place of transformation for troubled youth.

  • Christina Fialho

    Christina Fialho

    Human connection for immigrants

    Freedom for Immigrants is the only detention visitation network in the country monitoring the human rights abuses faced by thousands of immigrants held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Freedom for Immigrants has created a community-based alternative to detention that welcomes immigrants into the social fabric of the United States, instead of incarcerating individuals in the nation’s prison system.

  • Cindy Kaplan

    Cindy Kaplan

    Nutrition in orphanages.

    Radically improving the nutritional outcomes of children living without families by recognizing that trauma changes their nutritional needs and by focusing on both what they eat and how they are fed.

  • Conchy Bretos

    Conchy Bretos

    Affordable assisted living

    Creating a new norm and low-cost options for elderly people to stay in their homes and receive care there, rather than move to often overcrowded, under-performing nursing homes.

  • Connie Siskowski

    Connie Siskowski

    Support for caregiving students

    Identifying, helping, and bringing national recognition to the children and adolescents in the United States who have dual roles as students and caregivers for ill, frail or disabled family members.

  • Cristi Hegranes

    Cristi Hegranes

    Training women journalists

    Training women journalists

  • Dale Bell

    Dale Bell

    Public TV for social innovation

    Showcasing and promoting citizen-inspired initiatives across the country, transforming public television into an interactive forum, which encourages discourse and social innovation

  • Dallas Wilson

    Dallas Wilson

    Supporting fathers in prison

    Helping non-custodial, incarcerated fathers reengage with their families and, upon release, reintegrate into their community as productive, contributing citizens by teaching job skills and providing fatherhood training.

  • Dana Mortenson

    Dana Mortenson

    Education for global citizenship

    Preparing students for citizenship and leadership in the 21st century by closing the global competency gap within K-12 education in the United States.

  • Daniel Ben-Horin

    Daniel Ben-Horin

    Online architecture fror community organizations

    Facilitating the movement of technology to the citizen sector by creating an online community centered on the needs of the social sector.

  • Daniel Kish

    Daniel Kish

    Independence for the blind

    Daniel Kish is transforming the blindness profession and the lives of people around the world through a model of perceptual navigation that is more respectful of blind dignity and purpose, easier to teach, learn, and use, and is more diversely applicable to all ages, cultures, backgrounds, and ability profiles.

  • Danielle Sered

    Danielle Sered

    Danielle has created the only prison diversion program in the country that provides alternatives to incarceration.

  • Daquan Oliver

    Daquan Oliver

    Daquan has designed a culture of empowerment in schools by promoting entrepreneurial skills and spirit in classrooms across the nation.

  • Darell Hammond

    Darell Hammond

    Playgrounds for every child

    Bringing together communities and corporate volunteers to build play spaces in low-income neighborhoods, establishing playgrounds and skateparks where they are most needed.

  • David Anderson

    David Anderson

    Supporting families in crisis

    Reducing child abuse and neglect by providing families in crisis with temporary alternatives to the child welfare system

  • David Bornstein

    David Bornstein

  • David Castro

    David Castro

    Mentoring homegrown leaders

    Building the capacity of marginalized communities by identifying grassroots leaders and teaching them the life skills to become agents of change.

  • David Domenici

    David Domenici

    Every youth can succeed

    David created the See Forever school network to support inner city students with the educational, economical, and emotional support to break out of poverty and recidivism.

  • David Erickson

    David Erickson

    Affordable housing and rehabilitation

    David created Samaritan Inns to provide homeless, addicted people with a longterm community-based recovery system.

  • David Flink

    David Flink

    Learning differences without stigma

    Building a youth-powered movement designed to combat the prevailing stigmas attached to learning differences while also equipping students with the tools and sense of personal efficacy they need to self-advocate.

  • David Green

    David Green

    Health care in developing countries

    Enabling developing countries to produce, distribute, and service high-quality, affordable health care products.

  • David Levin

    David Levin

    New models for education

    Ensuring disadvantaged students’ academic success by securing contractual commitments by students, parents, and teachers, and by building a strong school culture of high expectations.

  • David Lubell

    David Lubell

    Welcoming communities for immigrants

    David and Welcoming America are helping communities fearful or skeptical of immigration to understand how and why the U.S. can find pride in upholding traditions of being welcoming, at community and individual levels

  • David Wiley

    David Wiley

    Open Educational Resources

    David is championing the concept of ‘open educational resources’ to reinvent how educational content is created, licensed, used, and improved—ultimately enabling college and university students to access to access radically improved class materials at dramatically reduced prices

  • David Wish

    David Wish

    Inspired music education

    Through an unconventional approach to music education, David is offering children and teachers heightened opportunities to engage with each other as fearless co-creators and active, inspired learning partners.

  • Denisa Livingston

    Denisa Livingston

    Healthy food sovereignty

    By shifting the focus from 'unhealthy people' to systemic challenges, Denisa is empowering Navajo communities to take control of food policy and lead a movement toward food sovereignty in Navajo Nation.

  • Derek Ellerman

    Derek Ellerman

    Ending human trafficking

    Derek created Polaris to put an end to human trafficking by engaging community members, law enforcement and policy-makers in a coordinated attack on the trafficker’s incentives - high profits and low risk of prosecution.

  • Dianna Oritz

    Dianna Oritz

    Supporting survivors of torture

    Helping torture survivors regain their sense of trust and community, and elevating their voices in the international campaign to end torture.

  • Dina Buchbinder

    Dina Buchbinder

  • DJ Powers

    DJ Powers

    Economic services for all

    Making basic economic tools, like insurance, utilities, and credit, available and affordable by advocating on their behalf against the administrative agencies that oppress them.

  • Don Shalvey

    Don Shalvey

    Quality schools for all

    Dan created Aspire to build clusters of high-performing charter schools in targeted underperforming neighborhoods.

  • Dorothy Stoneman

    Dorothy Stoneman

    Youth building skills

    Helping low-income youth transform their lives through service and leadership in their communities as they build affordable housing.

  • Dune Lankard

    Dune Lankard

    Conservation for Alaska

    Promoting sustainable economic models that protect our natural resources, Alaska’s Indigenous culture, commercial fishing and unique subsistence way of life.

  • Earl Phalen

    Earl Phalen

    Out-of-school education

    Through BELL, Earl transformed out-of-school-time into an opportunity for rigorous educational instruction to help close the achievement gap. Earl moved on to found and CEO Summer Advantage and Phalen Leadership Academies. He is now the Social Entrepreneur in Residence at UNC-Chapel Hill.

  • Eboo Patel

    Eboo Patel

    Interfaith community services

    Instilling religious understanding and cooperation by building an interfaith movement of youth focused on common service to others.

  • Edgar Cahn

    Edgar Cahn

    Social care networks

    Offering a way for people to care for one another through traditional volunteer means by ‘banking’ their volunteer time for their own current and future needs.

  • Elisabeth Stock

    Elisabeth Stock

    Technology for education

    Unleashing the enormous potential of the home learning environment to improve the academic and life-long success of low-income children and their families.

  • Elizabeth Hausler Strand

    Elizabeth Hausler Strand

    Architecture for earthquakes

    Helping local government and international organizations engage and harness local talent and technologies to build homes that are earthquake resistant.

  • Ellen Goodman

    Ellen Goodman

    Discuss end-of-life care

    Establishing a new cultural norm in which individuals and families talk openly about their values and wishes for end-of-life care—particularly with those who will make decisions for them if they can’t make them for themselves.

  • Ellen Moir

    Ellen Moir

    Mentoring new teachers

    Improving learning for students—and especially underserved students—in America by accelerating the effectiveness of new teachers through the world’s first corps of professional education mentors composed of expert teachers.

  • Elliott Brown

    Elliott Brown

    Supporting low-wage workers

    Elliot created Springboard to helping low-wage workers develop the capacity to advance, while simultaneously showing employers the benefits of investing in their entry-level workforce.

  • Emily May

    Emily May

    Ending street harrassment

    Improving learning for students—and especially underserved students—in America by accelerating the effectiveness of new teachers through the world’s first corps of professional education mentors composed of expert teachers.

  • Eric Dawson

    Eric Dawson

    Youth conflcit resolution

    Building the next generation of peacemakers by teaching young people peacemaking skills, empowering educators and parents to model these skills, and creating social messages that raise expectations for young people to demonstrate empathy.

  • Eric Liu

    Eric Liu

    Eric is leading a national civic revival at a moment when faith in American democracy and its institutions are at an all-time low.

  • Eric Rosenthal

    Eric Rosenthal

    Human rights for people with disabilities

    Transforming the way countries and governments treat those with mental disabilities by demanding international recognition and enforcement of their basic human rights.

  • Erica Gerrity

    Erica Gerrity

    Erica is bringing high-quality birth care and health education to women in prisons, and transforming our criminal justice system in the process.

  • Esther Lardent

    Esther Lardent

    Civic engagement for corporations

    Expanding and deepening the civic engagement of law firms and corporate legal departments

  • Fabrice Florin

    Fabrice Florin

    Online tools for civic engagement

    Providing reader-reviewed news on which citizens can rely by aggregating news stories that are rated for journalistic quality by news consumers themselves.

  • Fagan Harris

    Fagan Harris

    Developing talent citywide

    Through a new citywide model for developing and retaining talent, Fagan Harris is activating networks to position talent as a city’s main “architecture” in which to invest, and in so doing upgrading the social impact sector’s capabilities, consciousness and collaborative capacity, thus empowering cities to solve their most pressing challenges.

  • Farhana Huq

    Farhana Huq

    ESL telenovelas.

    Farhana created CEO Women to propel immigrant women into leading roles in business and life through innovative entrepreneurship education.

  • Fletcher Harper

    Fletcher Harper

    Faithully decreasing wasteful consumerism.

    Activating the values base of the religious sector to curb wasteful consumerism and set faith-based communities on a track to environmental stewardship.

  • Frank Altman

    Frank Altman

    Transforming community development finance

    Frank has been transforming community development finance in the U.S. by incentivizing mainstream financial institutions to funnel capital into-low-income communities across the country.

  • Gary Cohen

    Gary Cohen

    Better health industry practices

    Assembling an international coalition to transform the global health sector by reducing health industry practices that harm the environment and contribute to disease.

  • Gary Slutkin

    Gary Slutkin

    Preventing gun violence

    Treating violence as an infectious disease and eradicating the norm of violence in the most dangerous of urban areas around the world.

  • George Askew

    George Askew

    Medicine beyond clinic walls

    George organized doctors to give expert, non-partisan, scientific consultation to policy-makers on the medical ramifications of social policies.

  • George McGraw

    George McGraw

    George works to ensure that every American has access to clean, running water forever through participatory engagement.

  • Gerald Chertavian

    Gerald Chertavian

    Solving America's skills gap

    Empowering urban talent to reach their potential by connecting urban youth with corporations in need of skilled entry-level talent.

  • Gerald Gray

    Gerald Gray

    Holding torturers accountable

    Gerald founded the Institute for Redress and Recovery with the goal of bringing torturers to justice in domestic and international courts, and providing clinical support to victims.

  • Gina Clayton

    Gina Clayton

    Sisterhood for criminal justice

    Gina Clayton is building a loving and powerful community for the millions of women who have loved ones behind bars to end the harm of the American criminal justice system to women and families.

  • Gregg Treinish

    Gregg Treinish

    Outdoor recreation for science

    Adventure Scientists is harnessing the skill, motivation, and geographic reach of people who recreate in the outdoors – hikers, surfers, kayakers, mountain bikers and more – and applying it to rigorous data collection for the purpose of environmental stewardship and conservation.

  • Hamse Warfa

    Hamse Warfa

    Blockchain for refugees.

    Through BanQu, a disruptive innovation in the digital identity and financial inclusion spaces, Hamse and his co-founders Ashish Gadnis and Jeff Keiser are creating a paradigm shift in the way individuals and organizations (large and small) engage with refugees.

  • Harry Willand

    Harry Willand

    Public TV for social innovation

    Showcasing and promoting promising citizen-inspired initiatives across the country, transforming public television into an interactive forum, which encourages discourse and social innovation.

  • Herb Sturz

    Herb Sturz

    Quality after-school care

    Redefining the way after-school care is delivered, funded, and institutionalized as an essential service for children.

  • Imran Khan

    Imran Khan

    Supporting inner-city youth

    Understanding that laws, policies and infrastructure have historically been designed to keep the low-income community from attaining a better quality of life, Imran Khan has identified how to increase the intrinsic motivation and skills of inner-city youth to counter these structures. By facilitating sustained interaction between the youth, the city and its citizens, Imran proves that experiential development has as crucial a role to play as cognitive development in the educational setting.

  • Jake Shapiro

    Jake Shapiro

    Democratizing public media

    Democratizing public media by creating an open architecture and marketplace that allows new producer entrants, delivers greater choice in programming, and guides the field from traditional broadcasting to a flexible and interactive multimedia approach.

  • Jane Leu

    Jane Leu

    Skilled jobs for immigrants

    Jane created Upwardly Global to engage employers in relationships that shift awareness, hiring practices, and company culture around immigrant inclusion.

  • Janelle Orsi

    Janelle Orsi

    Law for sharing economy

    Developing the legal infrastructure necessary for a new, resilient, sharing economy to thrive in the United States.

  • Jason McLennan

    Jason McLennan

    Quality built environment

    Creating incentives and new practices so that the built environment improves health and well-being while increasing our access to a diverse and productive natural world

  • Jeff Dykstra

    Jeff Dykstra

    Solving food shortages

    Creating incentives and new practices so that the built environment improves health and well-being while increasing our access to a diverse and productive natural world Through Partners in Food Solutions, Jeff Dykstra is forging unlikely alliances between the world’s largest and smallest food companies, freeing up latent human potential to build a more robust, secure global food system.

  • Jeff Edmondson

    Jeff Edmondson

    Bringing leaders together

    Uniting local leaders within education, government, and the philanthropic community behind a common vision and measurable set of goals to improve educational outcomes from cradle to career.

  • Jeff Palmer

    Jeff Palmer

    Healthcare for the poor

    Creating a way to finance and deliver pharmaceuticals and healthcare for poor, uninsured, and semi-insured populations in the United States.

  • Jeff Parker

    Jeff Parker

    Dentistry for all

    Developing the first viable non-profit model of dentistry that adheres to high standards of care in order to treat the millions of youth across the United States who currently do not receive oral health care.

  • Jennifer Bailey

    Jennifer Bailey

    Faith for social justice

    Jennifer Bailey is building more united, morally-rooted social movement infrastructure in the American South, and clear pathways for leadership and self-care for its most marginalized leaders. By combining the existing moral authority of religious institutions with a new wave of “moral imagination” from young, marginalized, faith-rooted leaders, Jennifer is re-building the bridge between social justice movements and the religious institutions that have historically fueled them.

  • Jennifer Pahlka

    Jennifer Pahlka

    Tech for government

    Bringing the resources – talent, ideas, tools, energy – and operating principles of the tech world to make government work for the people, by the people, in the 21st century.

  • Jerry White

    Jerry White

    Turning victims into survivors

    Through a global peer support network and macro policymaking, Survivor Corps transforms victims of conflict into active survivors and leaders.

  • Jess Ladd

    Jess Ladd

    Technology to compact sexual assault

    Jess has designed a new victim-centered way to report sexual assault, identify repeat offenders, and provide institutions – beginning with universities – with relevant data to guard against and respond to the problem.

  • Jessica Sager

    Jessica Sager

    Quality early childhood education

    Jessica Sager is transforming and professionalizing the field of family childcare by supporting the providers in radically reimagining how they see themselves.

  • Jessica Schreiber

    Jessica Schreiber

    Jess has created a new model for managing textile waste at scale that encourages designers to weave the ethos of sustainability throughout their design cycles.

  • Jill Vialet

    Jill Vialet

    Play for all kids

    Using the power of play to bring out the best in every kid, while creating safe, inclusive school environments that allow kids to thrive and discover their own superpowers, both in and out of the classroom.

  • Jim McCorkell

    Jim McCorkell

    Closing college admissions gap

    Putting an end to multi-generational poverty by recruiting recent college graduates as AmeriCorps coaches to support low-income students and make college success possible for them.

  • Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson

    Positive youth sports

    Working against the dominant conception of sports as a sphere for flamboyant and ruthless competition, Jim Thompson reestablishes competitive athletics as a space in which all youth can acquire the skills and values they need for lasting success.

  • Jimmy Wales

    Jimmy Wales

    Open-source encyclopedia

    Jimmy has revolutionized the field of information sharing and collecting through Wikipedia - a free, open source, multilingual online encyclopedia that is publically created and edited.

  • John Danner

    John Danner

    Quality elementary schools

    John created Rocketship Education to deliver quality education to low-income students by increasing the independence and efficacy of elementary-level charter schools.

  • John Marks

    John Marks

    Soap operas for peacebuilding

    Creating a full toolbox of methodologies for conflict prevention, including harnessing the power of the media and popular culture.

  • John Sage

    John Sage

    For-benefit nonprofits

    John started Pura Vida to create new approaches to capital formation and social enterprise, redefining the boundaries between for-profit and non-profit organizations.

  • Jonah Edelman

    Jonah Edelman

    Supporting thriving children

    Building a coalition of parents and other concerned citizens to make democracy work for children.

  • Jordan Kassalow

    Jordan Kassalow

    Glasses for everybody

    Ensuring that every person has access to eye care by addressing the market failure for affordable eyecare in the developing world.

  • Jose Quiñonez

    Jose Quiñonez

    Communities becoming economic citizens

    Helping financially excluded communities – particularly low-income and immigrant families – become visible, active, and successful participants in the U.S. financial mainstream.

  • Jose-Pablo Fernandez

    Jose-Pablo Fernandez

    Supporting Latino families

    Providing Hispanic parents with educational opportunities that will enable them to become active agents of change to reduce dropout rates, transform communities, and ensure a better future for their families.

  • Joseph Marshall

    Joseph Marshall

    Ending violence

    Ending violence throughout the United States by treating violence as a communicable disease.

  • Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams

    Supporting the formerly incarcerated

    Joseph created New Creations to keep ex-prisoners out of jail through a cellular social structure, allowing ex-prisoners to find the support network, sense of solidarity and individual responsibility needed for success.

  • Josh Nesbit

    Josh Nesbit

    Quality rural healthcare

    Creating connected and coordinated rural health care systems by using mobile-phone based technologies to reinvent the role of the local community health worker.

  • Kara Bobroff

    Kara Bobroff

    Kara is reimagining an education system based on Indigenous traditions and prepares young people to shape their future.

  • Katherine Freund

    Katherine Freund

    Transportation for seniors

    Creating an alternative solution to traditional public transit that allows older Americans to transition from driving to being driven through a whole-community solution to keeps aging populations mobile and active.

  • Katheryn Hall-Trujillo

    Katheryn Hall-Trujillo

    Better birth outcomes

    Re-creating pregnancy to improve birth outcomes for women of color in America by giving them the extended family and community support that only a “sisterfriend” can provide.

  • Katie Orenstein

    Katie Orenstein

    Changing demographics of voice

    Katie is changing the demographics of voice in America by increasing the number and diversity of ideas in our public discourse.

  • Katie Plohocky

    Katie Plohocky

    Katie is bringing fresh food to communities that lack them, catalyzing community engagement and local entrepreneurship along the way.

  • Katie Redford

    Katie Redford

    Holding corporations accountable

    Pioneering a body of legal mechanisms to hold corporations accountable for their complicity in human rights and environmental abuses perpetrated around the world, and increasing access to justice for victims of such abuses.

  • Katrina Spade

    Katrina Spade

    Katrina is transforming our broken funeral industry with a new approach that reconnects death to natural cycles of life.

  • Kendis Paris

    Kendis Paris

    Truckers fighting human trafficking

    Building an anti-human trafficking movement model beginning with the trucking industry that could be applied across every mode of transportation.

  • Kevin Kirby

    Kevin Kirby

    Addiction recovery infrastructure

    Building the infrastructure for a chronic care model of addiction recovery that engages communities and employers alike, breaks down silos between the two, and de-stigmatizes this age-old disease.

  • Kevin Long

    Kevin Long

    Deaf people can succeed

    Starting with the education system, Kevin Long is utilizing resources from developed nations to support, mentor, and train teachers in developing countries with teaching methodologies targeted specifically at deaf students. Through the work of his organization, Global Deaf Connection (GDC), these students are encouraged to gain higher education and become trained professionals.

  • Kohl Gill

    Kohl Gill

    Crowdsourcing intelligence from laborers

    Labor Voices is facilitating more transparency in international labor markets by crowdsourcing intelligence from directly from laborers via mobile phone surveys and using it to push for changes within supply chains.

  • Kristen Tobey

    Kristen Tobey

    Nutrition in low-income communities

    Transforming nutrition standards in low-income communities by providing healthy, fresh school lunches, and changing attitudes of principals, teachers, and parents about what’s expected and possible for school food standards.

  • Kristin Hayden

    Kristin Hayden

    Youth as global leaders

    Empowering disadvantaged, minority American youth to become stronger leaders through language study in Arabic or Chinese, international learning experiences, leadership training and college preparatory assistance.

  • Kristin Richmond

    Kristin Richmond

    Nutrition in low-income communities

    Transforming nutrition standards in low-income communities by providing healthy, fresh school lunches, and changing attitudes of principals, teachers, and parents about what’s expected and possible for school food standards.

  • Kristina Saffran

    Kristina Saffran

    Kristina is building a model for community-based peer support and care for people with eating disorders.

  • Lam Nguyen Ho

    Lam Nguyen Ho

    Lam Ho is changing the field of legal aid to make it more accessible and responsive to underserved communities and to strengthen its role as a vehicle for social justice.

  • Larry Rosenstock

    Larry Rosenstock

    Changing urban education

    Creating diverse, project-based, urban public charter schools, and preparing teachers to eliminate traditional, segregating boundaries between technical, vocational education and liberal arts-style, college preparatory education.

  • Laura Emiko Soltis

    Laura Emiko Soltis

    Education for undocumented youth

    Dr. Laura Emiko Soltis leads a modern-day freedom school for undocumented youth where students receive free college-level classes, college application assistance, and the social movement leadership training they need to determine the course of their own freedom struggle. Against a backdrop of Southern states that deny undocumented students equal access to public higher education, Freedom U is creating liberatory spaces for learning and advancing undocumented students’ human right to education.

  • Laura Wilson Phelan

    Laura Wilson Phelan

    Laura is helping parents and school communities embrace the goal of “collective well-being”, which champions equity and aims to changes the lives of U.S. students.

  • Lennon Flowers

    Lennon Flowers

    Talking about grief

    Lennon Flowers is upsetting the current clinical approach that pathologizes grief with a universal, humanizing model that empowers deeper community and personal growth. Through The Dinner Party, people who’ve lost a loved one are transforming life after loss from a deeply isolating experience and culturally taboo topic to an extraordinary tool for connection and community-building.

  • Louise Davis Langheier

    Louise Davis Langheier

    Sexual health education

    Providing comprehensive health education to teens across the country through a network of volunteer peer educators.

  • Lynn Price

    Lynn Price

    Keeping siblings connected

    Lynn created Camp to Belong to reunite brothers and sisters placed in separate foster homes and preserve their sibling bond, and advocate on their behalf in public institutions and policies.

  • Marc Freedman

    Marc Freedman

    Staying engaged in retirement

    Leading the call to engage millions of baby boomers in “encore careers” by combining personal meaning, continued income, and social impact to produce a windfall of human talent to solve society’s greatest problems.

  • Mark Edwards

    Mark Edwards

    Birth control choices

    The high rate of unplanned pregnancy presents enormous challenges for women, families and society. Through Upstream USA, Mark and his colleagues are changing the culture of reproductive healthcare in the U.S. and pioneering a new model for ensuring all women receive same-day access to the full range of modern contraceptive methods.

  • Mark Hanis

    Mark Hanis

    Working against genocide

    Mark created the Genocide Intervention Network to provide a permanent anti-genocide constituency in the United States, and to empower activists to advocate for human rights through the use of technology.

  • Matt Flannery

    Matt Flannery

    Person-to-person microloans

    Building a citizen-based movement of microlenders through an online lending platform, providing lenders of average means the ability to loan small amounts to small-scale entrepreneurs living in emerging markets.

  • Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson

    Youth producing media

    Matthew created Strive Media to build an inclusive and collaborative network of ethnic media outlets, bringing greater diversity to mainstream media.

  • Matthew Lee

    Matthew Lee

    Ethical international banking

    Matthew Lee is linking the monitoring and advocacy work of international human rights and environment organizations to an American movement that seeks to promote ethical business practices in international banking.

  • Mauricio Lim Miller

    Mauricio Lim Miller

    Financial independence

    Enabling low-income, working families to self-organize and support each other as they gain fiscal independence and confidence, moving them into roles as active consumers of social services who deliver feedback.

  • Megan Marcus

    Megan Marcus

    Educators as secure attachment figures

    Megan Marcus believes that any educator in the U.S. can and must become a consistent, caring and responsive “secure attachment figure.” Through FuelEd, Megan is showing how educators, school leaders, teacher training colleges, and counselors can transform educator preparation, performance and retention as well as student achievement and development both cost-effectively and at scale through the power of relationships.

  • Michael McCullough

    Michael McCullough

    College opportunity for all

    Developing and marketing a national database that serves as an online clearinghouse for colleges, graduate schools, scholarships and internships for low-income students.

  • Michael Turner

    Michael Turner

    Increasing financial inclusion

    Creating access to credit for traditionally excluded and unbanked groups through the use of alternative data, such as reliably-paid rent and utility payments.

  • Michel Nischan

    Michel Nischan

    Locally-grown healthy food

    Catalyzing demand among low-income urban consumers for locally grown, healthy foods through a financing approach that fuels the growth and viability of small and mid-sized farms.

  • Michelle “Mitch” Hedlund

    Michelle “Mitch” Hedlund

    Making recycling easier

    Aligning citizens and businesses around common environmental and economic interests by making recycling more comprehensive and removing the confusion around “green.

  • Michelle Mascerenhas-Swan

    Michelle Mascerenhas-Swan

    Ecological justice movement

    Michelle is helping build a vibrant and proactive movement for ecological justice in the United States by equipping frontline communities with a unifying framework and a national network of support.

  • Michelle Miller

    Michelle Miller

    Michelle is building a 21st Century labor movement that uses digital organizing methods to give voice and shift power to workers.

  • Mike Marriner

    Mike Marriner

    Students defining their own path

    Helping students to “define their own roads in life,” by exposing them to an unlimited number of careers and pathways,and equipping them with the tools and skills they need to make those pathways a reality.

  • Mike O’Brien

    Mike O’Brien

    Community adults mentoring students

    Providing an innovative human capital solution for public schools by enlisting the vast array of adults within a community to serve as mentors to help students develop critical skills linked to college success.

  • Molly Barker

    Molly Barker

    Healthy lives for women

    Leveraging the power of emotional and physical training, Molly founded Girls on the Run to help girls and young women break the cultural stereotypes preventing them from living healthy, authentic lives.

  • Molly Burhans

    Molly Burhans

    Mission-driven land reform

    Molly is transforming the way the Catholic Church and other holders of large, non-contiguous lands are able to respond to climate change and its attendant crises, using new technology tools for informed environmental planning beyond the border of the nation-state.

  • Morgan Dixon

    Morgan Dixon

    Health as a civil right

    Combatting obesity in Black women by contextualizing health as a broader civil rights issue, meeting women at their point of need with a feasible first step, and turning healthy living into a service opportunity that trains community health leaders.

  • Nancy Henkin

    Nancy Henkin

    Connecting youth and seniors

    Helping communities bring generations together to identify issues of common concern and develop strategies that will promote interdependence and enrich the lives of all.

  • Nicholas Reville

    Nicholas Reville

    Building democratic television

    Building open-source, decentralizing tools for online media, putting people back at the center of culture, not corporations.

  • Nick Tilsen

    Nick Tilsen

    Connecting youth with culture

    Reconnecting younger generations of Lakota with their cultural and spiritual identities, leading them to become the energy behind a new era of community-led development.

  • Nina Simon

    Nina Simon

    Nina is helping public institutions of all kinds become of, by, and for their own communities.

  • Noran Sanford

    Noran Sanford

    Flip the Prison

    Noran believes that the major failing of our juvenile justice system is its inability to provide young people real opportunities to practice being different in their communities. Through GrowingChange and its “Flip the Prison” initiative, he is setting the standards for re-using shuttered state-owned prisons and giving local leaders, educators, legislators, law enforcement agencies, and young people themselves the opportunity and the tools to change their communities’ power structures and their lives.

  • Norman Atkins

    Norman Atkins

    Reinventing teacher education

    Reinventing teacher education through a “nurse practitioner” model of teacher training that focuses on practice over theory, and that links teacher certification to demonstrated results in the classroom.

  • Oona Chatterjee

    Oona Chatterjee

    Communities coming together

    Oona created Make the Road to empower residents to advocate for their rights and improve conditions in their neighborhoods.

  • Pamela Cantor

    Pamela Cantor

    Schools supporting kids in poverty

    Reengineering high-poverty schools to respond to the traumatic impact of poverty on students through student support systems, teacher training, and the promotion of high-performing school cultures.

  • Paul Bradley

    Paul Bradley

    Supporting manufactured home owners

    Building a framework that enables and encourages homeowners to cooperatively buy, own, and manage the land on which their homes sit, transforming manufactured houses into appreciable assets.

  • Paul Rice

    Paul Rice

    Paying farmers fair wages

    Fighting poverty, promoting conscious consumerism, and creating sustainable development opportunities for farming communities around the world by certifying Fair Trade food products.

  • Paul Rieckhoff

    Paul Rieckhoff

    Veterans' services for a new generation

    Building a new type of veterans’ organization to meet the needs of a new generation of veterans, nurture the leadership potential of these veterans, and transform the national conversation around veteran issues.

  • Paula Daniels

    Paula Daniels

    Paula is transforming our food system by helping large institutions approach food purchasing in ways that better reflect societal values of economic equity, environmental sustainability, and public health.

  • Paula Segal

    Paula Segal

    Communities using vacant land

    Paula Segal is reframing abandoned, neglected and un-programmed public land in cities as opportunity for multi-stakeholder community organizing. Her approach challenges residents to not accept ugly holes in their neighborhoods and empowers community groups with the tools, tactics, and experience to shape their cities. As her work spreads around the U.S. and the world, she is recognized as the pioneering advocate of the field of “community land access.”

  • Philipp Schmidt

    Philipp Schmidt

    Open source lesson plans

    Philipp created Peer 2 Peer University as a revolutionary model for online learning by combining the best in open education with leading technologies for social networking and collaboration.

  • Priti Krishtel

    Priti Krishtel

    Priti is democratizing the patent granting and oversight process in order to make life-saving medicines more affordable around the world.

  • Rachel Armstrong

    Rachel Armstrong

    Farmer-centered legal aid

    Rachel is reforming legal services in a way that respects the client as a primary source of knowledge, inspiration, and solutions and helps changemakers thrive.

  • Rachel Lloyd

    Rachel Lloyd

    Fighting child trafficking

    Creating a national reform movement and survivor-led model to change policy and public attitudes about the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

  • Rafael Alvarez

    Rafael Alvarez

    Jobs motivating youth

    Changing the trajectory of life for inner-city youth by training and employing them to provide technical services to major corporations during their senior year in high school.

  • Raj Jayadev

    Raj Jayadev

    Participatory defense

    Growing a national movement to advance “participatory defense” whereby families and communities can effectively participate in the criminal defense process and transform the landscape of power in the court system.

  • Rajiv Vinnakota

    Rajiv Vinnakota

    Building better schools

    Challenging traditional methods of public education by establishing boarding schools, funded by public-private partnerships, in low-income urban communities.

  • Rebecca Onie

    Rebecca Onie

    Better health in poverty

    Expanding doctors’ “prescriptions” to include housing, food, child care, and other basic resources necessary for low-income families to be healthy.

  • Rebecca Van Bergen

    Rebecca Van Bergen

    Supporting home-based workers

    Rebecca van Bergen is transforming the lives of millions of home-based workers in the apparel and home design industries by bringing their profession into the formal economy.

  • Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquín

    Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquín

    Poultry-powered regenerative agriculture

    Regi engages immigrant, young, small, new and established agricultural entrepreneurs in the US in refining and championing a global model for small-scale, poultry-powered (and planet cooling), scalable regenerative agriculture system.

  • Renae Griggs

    Renae Griggs

    Supporting police officers

    Renae created NPFVPP to establish a new mindset and motivation among the nation’s 800,000 police officers and give their own mental health sufficient priority, while they dedicate themselves to serving and protecting the public.

  • Rick Aubry

    Rick Aubry

    Getting out of poverty

    Changing the field of social enterprise by demonstrating the enormous potential of holistic models and social business ventures as a tool for poverty alleviation.

  • Ritu Primlani

    Ritu Primlani

    Greener restaurants

    Ritu created TREE to bridge the gap between environmental practices and cultural/language barriers to ensure that 60 environmental measures in restaurants are implemented to achieve a quantifiable impact.

  • Robert Master

    Robert Master

    Coordinated primary care

    Providing individualized and coordinated primary care for patients with complex health needs in a way that reduces hospitalizations and nursing home placements, saving costs to patients and their families.

  • Robert P Moses

    Robert P Moses

    Promoting equal education

    Promoting equal education by spreading math literacy, a gateway skill that gives minority students the opportunity to succeed in the new tech-based economy.

  • Ron Chisom

    Ron Chisom

    Fighting racism

    Recognizing and undoing individual and institutional racism through grassroots and institutional trainings, which has built a national network of anti-racist leaders.

  • Ron Layton

    Ron Layton

    Global intellectual property

    Engaging intellectual property techniques used by business to increase poverty-alleviating trade by assisting producers, exporters, and governments in developing countries to increase export income.

  • Ronnie Washington

    Ronnie Washington

    Ronnie has designed an employer-sponsored savings program that is changing the outlook of the American working class.

  • Rosanne Haggerty

    Rosanne Haggerty

    Ending homelessness

    Developing innovative strategies to end homelessness and strengthen communities by leading large scale change initiatives, pioneering supportive housing, and executing research-based practices that end chronic homelessness.

  • Rushika Fernandopulle

    Rushika Fernandopulle

    Better health outcomes

    Deploying a new patient-centered model of primary care centered around empathy and human relationships, and guided by smart preventive care so that costs are reduced while care and patient experience are improved.

  • Sandy Close

    Sandy Close

    Mainstream ethnic media

    Bringing greater diversity to mainstream media by building an inclusive and collaborative network of ethnic media outlets.

  • Sanjeev Arora

    Sanjeev Arora

    Communication technology for better healthcare

    Spreading a new model to treat complex chronic diseases in rural and underserved areas by connecting urban healthcare specialists with rural providers through communication technology.

  • Sarah Hemminger

    Sarah Hemminger

    Supporting underserved students

    Building non-traditional families in order to radically reconfigure the level of support disenfranchised students have available to them.

  • Saru Jayaraman

    Saru Jayaraman

    Better restaraunt wages

    Leading a nation-wide effort to transform the restaurant industry’s subpar employment practices by aligning worker, employer and consumer interests.

  • Sascha Meinrath

    Sascha Meinrath

    Free and open communication

    Designing and deploying disruptive communications technologies that ensure free and open communication as a fundamental human right.

  • Sasha Chanoff

    Sasha Chanoff

    Solutions for refugees

    Improving refugee resettlement by creating the infrastructure and know-how for an appropriately trained and professionalized citizen sector to work with the UN and governments.

  • Scott Hartl

    Scott Hartl

    Free resources for teachers

    Changing both what teachers teach and how they teach it through the creation of free and open resources, curricula, lesson plans, and video documentation drawn straight from the classroom.

  • Scott Strode

    Scott Strode

    Scott has designed a national, sober active community that celebrates the triumphs of people in recovery while challenging the stigma of addiction.

  • Seth Flaxman

    Seth Flaxman

    Making voting easier

    Transforming American democracy by increasing electoral and citizen participation on all fronts.

  • Shannon Dosemagen

    Shannon Dosemagen

    DIY environmental justice

    Bringing an ethos of hands-on, do-it-yourself, grassroots organizing to the environmental justice movement by providing affordable, accessible strategies for communities to define and address local environmental concerns.

  • Sharon Gamson Danks

    Sharon Gamson Danks

    Schoolyards for environment and play

    Sharon Danks inspires and enables communities to enrich their school grounds and use them to improve children’s well-being, learning and play while contributing to the ecological health and resilience of their cities.

  • Sharon Terry

    Sharon Terry

    Better genetic disease outcomes

    Improving health outcomes for patients who have genetic diseases by aligning incentives and structures so that they facilitate, rather than obstruct, the continuum of research, drug development, treatment, advocacy, and support.

  • Sixto Cancel

    Sixto Cancel

    Sixto is empowering young adults who “age out” of the foster care system to lead its transformation via peer support and technology solutions.

  • Sonya Passi

    Sonya Passi

    Sonya is transforming the domestic violence movement by championing financial stability through financial security and asset building.

  • Stacey Epperson

    Stacey Epperson

    Affordable housing through manufactured homes

    Increasing access to affordable housing by creating a value chain that connects manufactured housing companies to non-profit providers of low-income housing.

  • Stephen Friend

    Stephen Friend

    Better biomedical research

    Transforming the traditional reward structures of biomedical research to encourage data sharing rather than data hoarding, leading to cross-industry collaboration in support of better health for all.

  • Stephen Manning

    Stephen Manning

    Stephen is building legal communities of practice that protect immigrants from the imbalance of power and otherization that cause abuse in the current system.

  • Steve Bigari

    Steve Bigari

    Fighting poverty in restaurant workers

    Steve created America’s Family to combine compassion and business savvy in an innovative, employer-led model to help underemployed individuals and low-income families transform both the quality and direction of their lives.

  • Steve Binder

    Steve Binder

    Justice system supporting the homeless

    Converting the court from adversary to advocate for people experiencing homelessness through a new court system tailored to their special needs.

  • Steve Miller

    Steve Miller

    Steve is working with churches and universities to begin healing racial trauma through story-sharing alliances.

  • Steve Rothschild

    Steve Rothschild

    Living-wage jobs

    Steve created Twin Cities Rise! to train impoverished people, particularly men of color, for living-wage jobs, fostering a mutually beneficial, incentivized economic exchange among citizens, government, and business.

  • Steven Clift

    Steven Clift

    Internet for better democracy

    Reviving local democracy and citizen participation by making local online engagement powerful, meaningful, and convenient for all.

  • Stuart Cohen

    Stuart Cohen

    Revitalizing towns and cities

    Adjusting incentives so that cities can actualize dense infill development and stave off sprawl – a reversal that leads to dramatically improved environmental and social outcomes as cities swell in population.

  • Susan Sygall

    Susan Sygall

    Full citizenship for people with disabilities

    Reimagining the meaning of full citizenship for people with disabilities in the context of international development.

  • Suzanne McKechnie Klahr

    Suzanne McKechnie Klahr

    Low-income students succeeding

    Transforming the lives of under-resourced high school youth and reducing drop-out rates by using entrepreneurial experience as a vehicle to teach academic, business, and life skills.

  • Swapna Reddy

    Swapna Reddy

    Swapna is using technology to permanently reform the asylum-seeking process in the United States.

  • Tammy Krause

    Tammy Krause

    Suupporting crime victims

    Tammy created Just Bridges to change the justice system’s view of crime victims by demonstrating how their needs can be effectively addressed without compromising the integrity of the judicial process.

  • Tanya Tull

    Tanya Tull

    Housing first

    Tanya created Beyond Shelter to make permanent and affordable housing a fundamental human right for homeless families across America through a “housing first” approach.

  • Temp Keller

    Temp Keller

    Rewarding good teachers

    Temp created RISE to change the way the nation recognizes, rewards, and retains public school teachers who effectively educate low-income students.

  • Temple Grandin

    Temple Grandin

    Revolutionizing livestock handling

    Living with autism, Temple has revolutionized livestock handling by using her ability to see the world in a different way to develop a deeper understanding of animal behavior.

  • Terrie Rose

    Terrie Rose

    Better childcare

    Terrie created Baby’s Space to enable communities in low-income neighborhoods to create and sustain baby-centered childcare and education centers that promote the healthy development of our most vulnerable children.

  • Tiffiniy Cheng

    Tiffiniy Cheng

    Open and accessible internet

    Tiffiniy Cheng is expanding the internet's transformative potential for good by keeping this vital technology open and accessible. By activating millions of people across the globe and creating a cadre of internet defenders, she is ensuring that bottom-up civic engagement remains relevant in an increasingly online world.

  • Timothy Carpenter

    Timothy Carpenter

    Purposeful, creative seniors

    Ttransforming aging and the way people think about aging by turning affordable senior apartment communities into vibrant centers of learning, wellness and creativity.

  • Tomas Alvarez III

    Tomas Alvarez III

    Mental health for youth of color

    Making mental health and wellness services more accessible, useful, and meaningful for youth of color by integrating pop culture and community-defined strategies with proven therapy models.

  • Trabian Shorters

    Trabian Shorters

    Changing narratives about black men

    Trabian founded BMe to update the narrative about black men in the United States, and to reveal them as catalysts for community building and national social change. BMe connects authentic black male leaders with key influencers across industries and sectors who share their belief in valuing all members of the human family.

  • Tyrone Bledsoe

    Tyrone Bledsoe

    Black men graduating college

    Creating a nationwide brotherhood of African American students committed to lifelong leadership and service through principled, reciprocal and service-oriented communities of peers.

  • Van Jones

    Van Jones

    Accountable criminal justice

    Van created the Ella Baker Center to bring a higher standard of accountability to the criminal justice and police enforcement systems.

  • Victoria Hale

    Victoria Hale

    Nonprofit pharmaceutical

    Victoria created One World Health to develop safe, effective and affordable drugs to treat neglected diseases that afflict largely rural and poor populations in the developing world.

  • Vivek Maru

    Vivek Maru

    Global legal empowerment

    Building the field of global legal empowerment by taking localized justice efforts, rigorously documenting their impact, weaving them into a cohesive network.

  • Wendy Kopp

    Wendy Kopp

    Teachers and education advocates

    Wendy created TFA to create lifelong opportunities for children who attend the poorest schools in America by recruiting a new generation of leaders to teach.

  • Will Byrne

    Will Byrne

    Civic consumption

    Developing a model called civic consumption that allows individuals and institutions to leverage their collective purchasing power to generate social and environmental benefits in their own communities.

  • William Foote

    William Foote

    Supporting rural farmers globally

    Pioneering finance for grassroots businesses in rural Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa by providing capital, financial training, and market connections that build sustainable livelihoods and transform rural communities.

  • William Jackson

    William Jackson

    William is creating racially affirming learning environments that Black students need to thrive and succeed.

  • William Parish

    William Parish

    Sustainable communities

    Billy founded the Energy Action Coalition to unite disparate student groups on campuses across the U.S. and Canada into a single, coordinated, and youth-led movement to build the green economy and solve the climate crisis.

  • William Thomas

    William Thomas

    Better nursing homes

    By providing nursing home staff with the tools and strategies to create new habitats within existing facilities, Bill is transforming the field of long-term care.

  • Wynona Ward

    Wynona Ward

    Fighting domestic abuse

    Breaking the cycle of domestic abuse in rural communities by bringing legal and social services to women and children battling domestic violence in isolated, secluded areas where few services exist.

  • Yeshimabeit Milner

    Yeshimabeit Milner

    Yeshi is leading a movement of data scientists and changemakers to transform data into a force for social change.

  • Zoe Finch Totten

    Zoe Finch Totten

    Realigning healthcare

    Seizing America’s health care crisis as an opportunity to realign major forces in the health care and food industries so that they promote individual and collective health beginning with food quality.

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